38 products

    38 products
    Polyvine Metallic Paint
    from £20.12
    Polyvine Decorators Varnish
    from £3.63
    Polyvine Acrylic Enamel Paint
    from £2.23
    Polyvine Crystal Clear Lacquer
    from £3.63
    Polyvine Craquelure System
    from £4.38
    Polyvine Acylic Size Adhesive
    from £3.55
    Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish
    from £3.63
    Polyvine Oil Colourant - 50g
    Polyvine Glitter Paint Maker - 75g
    Polyvine Wood Dye - 500ml
    Polyvine Heavy Duty Floor Varnish - Satin
    from £4.71
    Polyvine - Double Graining Rocker
    Polyvine Acrylic Glass Frosting - 100ml
    Polyvine Crackle Glaze
    from £4.38
    Polyvine Original Scumble
    from £9.63
    Polyvine Oil-Based Scumble
    from £13.69
    Polyvine Sprakling Glitter Glaze
    Polyvine Stencil Brushes
    from £3.49
    Polyvine Exterior Wood Varnish
    from £4.03
    Polyvine Extra Pale Varnish
    from £9.40
    Polyvine Chalk Paint Maker - 500ML
    Polyvine Craquelure Highlighter
    Polyvine Stone And Brick Protector
    from £23.55
    Polyvine Metallic Shimmer
    from £20.12
    Polyvine Tropical Scumble
    from £9.63
    Polyvine Stippler Brush
    Polyvine Acrylic Colourant - 50g
    Polyvine Seawool Sponge
    Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish
    from £6.75
    Polyvine Fast Grab Wood Glue
    from £2.72
    Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish - Dead Flat
    from £4.24
    Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish - Satin
    from £4.24
    Polyvine Heavy Duty Floor Varnish
    from £4.71
    Polyvine - Combination Comb
    Polyvine - Flogger Brush
    Polyvine Acrylic Glass Frosting - 500ml
    Polyvine Softener Brushes
    from £11.07
    Polyvine Classic Colour Scumble
    from £21.49

    Polyvine is the go to brand for varnishes, decorative products, and adhesives for both DIYers and professionals. Whether you're looking to protect floors and woodwork or create decorative effects Polyvine will have a product for you.

    If your looking to protect your floors, wooden furniture, or wallpapered walls the Heavy Duty Varnish and Crystal Clear Lacquers will give your surfaces a high level of protection against staining, abrasion, and wear. The high-quality coatings are offered in satin or dead flat finish that dries to a crystal clear film. 

    Don't forget their decorative effects, Polyvine's range includes Metallics and Glitter effects as well as Polyvine Scumble which is ideal for creating washing, dragging, graining, marbling, stippling effects on your walls and furniture.

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