At Next Day Paint, we have everything you need to maintain and refresh your furniture. Take your pick from our range of paints, waxes, oils, dyes, and stains that will seal, rejuvenate and renovate your wooden furniture. Add colour with Ronseal's Chalky Furniture paint or enhance the natural look of your wood with Fiddes range of waxes and glazes 

    When renovating why not try one of our wood repair from wood specialists Liberon and Osmo with everything you need to cover up scratches to remove rings on the surface of your furniture.

    Don’t forget the importance of aftercare we have everything you need to clean and maintain your cherished piece of furniture from Fiddes Surface Cleaner to Osmo’s Wash and Care.

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    Osmo Wood Filler 250g
    Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish - 400ml
    Liberon Wood Bleacher
    from £5.18
    Zinsser Perma-White Interior Paint
    from £17.22
    Liberon Palette Wood Dye
    from £6.08
    Osmo Top Oil - 500ml
    Liberon Steel Wire Wool
    from £2.85
    Zinsser Cover Stain
    from £7.15
    Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3
    from £8.87
    Liberon Spirit Wood Dye
    from £6.05
    Liberon Furniture Wax Polish Black Bison Paste
    Liberon Liming Wax
    from £8.80
    Sikkens Cetol TSI Satin Plus Woodstain Paint
    from £24.25
    Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer
    from £13.04
    Dulux Quick Dry Eggshell Paint - 750ml
    Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint - 750ml
    from £14.42
    Liberon Fine Paint and Varnish Wood Stripper Gel - 500ml
    Osmo Polyx Hard Wax Oil
    from £17.45
    Dulux Quick Dry Gloss Paint
    from £12.82
    Dulux Interior and Exterior Woodsheen
    from £5.23
    Osmo Polyx Oil Raw
    from £10.32
    Liberon Finishing Oil
    from £5.44
    Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus
    from £21.46
    Fiddes Mellow Wax
    Ronseal Chalky Furniture Paint - 750ml
    Liberon Gilt Cream 30ml
    Liberon Superior Danish Oil
    from £5.87
    Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner 500ml
    Polyvine Metallic Paint
    from £20.12
    Liberon ColourCare Decorative Furniture Wax 500ml
    Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint - 750ml
    Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish - 5 Litre
    Polyvine Wood Dye - 500ml
    Polyvine Decorators Varnish
    from £3.63
    Liberon Wood Filler - 125ml
    Liberon Spirit Sanding Sealer
    from £6.01
    Liberon Wax & Polish Remover
    from £6.63
    Liberon Quick Dry Tung Oil
    from £7.76
    Liberon Ring Remover - 125ml
    Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner
    from £13.25
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