37 products

    37 products
    Osmo Wood Filler 250g
    Liberon Palette Wood Dye
    from £5.90
    Fiddes Hard Wax Oil
    from £7.92
    Liberon Spirit Wood Dye
    from £5.87
    Osmo Polyx Oil
    from £17.45
    Osmo Polyx Oil Raw
    from £10.32
    Fiddes Mellow Wax
    Fiddes Nitro Floor Stain
    from £19.90
    Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner 500ml
    Liberon Wood Filler - 125ml
    Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner
    from £13.25
    Osmo Concrete Finishing Oil
    from £21.01
    Liberon Floor Oil
    from £15.81
    Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner - 1 Litre
    Fiddes Clear Glaze
    from £22.23
    Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid
    from £30.14
    Osmo Polyx Oil Anti-Slip
    from £30.14
    Liberon Colour Care Decorative Floor Varnish
    from £18.28
    Osmo Floor Brush
    from £27.52
    Osmo Polyx Hard Wax Oil Tints
    from £27.98
    Liberon Van Dyck Crystals
    from £5.87
    Liberon Stone Floor Wax
    from £14.78
    Liberon Liquid Beeswax with Pure Turpentine
    from £11.75
    Liberon Natural Finish Stone Floor Sealer - 1 Litre
    Liberon Floor Cleaner - 1 Litre
    Osmo Polyx Oil Express Hardener 150ml
    Osmo Maintenance Oil
    from £29.09
    Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin
    from £20.22
    Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner 1 Litre
    Fiddes Liquid Floor Wax
    from £19.65
    Osmo Wash and Care
    from £16.50
    Osmo Polyx Oil Express
    from £30.14
    Osmo Wooden Floor Repair Set
    Osmo D3 Express Wood PVA Glue Adhesive - 560g
    Osmo Polyx Oil Express - Clear Matt - 750ml
    Osmo Maintenance Kit for Floors
    Osmo Polyx Oil Express - White Satin - 750ml

    Clean, refresh and maintain your wooden, stone and tiled floors. Enjoy your floors for longer with our range of stains, oils, dyes, waxes, cleaners, and repair products.  Add colour to wooden floors with our dyes, paints, and stains or enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain with oils and our clear finishes. Or seal tiles and concrete with our top-quality finishing products from Osmo and Liberon.

    Renovate and refresh your floor with a wide range of fillers, cleaners, strippers, and top coats which will get your floors looking brand new. Don’t forget to keep your floors looking great use one of the fantastic cleaning products that nourish rather than degrade your chosen finish.

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