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 Planting trees 

We’re delighted to announce we’ve teamed up with Dulux and JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit initiative planting forests both on land and in the oceans. They help to restore biodiversity and combat climate change by planting ‘the right trees in the right place’. In the process they also help to provide agricultural education and sustainable incomes to local communities.


 How does it work? 
It's very simple! 
For every 2.5 L Dulux Colour Emulsion you buy, we donate £1 to JUST ONE Tree so they can plant a tree for us 🌲

Products included in the partnership are Dulux Simply refresh One CoatDulux Easycare Washable & Tough - Dulux Easycare KitchenDulux Easycare Bathroom - pure brilliant white not included - products included are marked on product page

 Why trees? 
Trees are the primary method we have for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Without planting more, we'll not survive as a species. 
And if cleaning the air we breathe wasn't impressive enough, trees also filter our water, stabilise the soil, form complex ecosystems, supply us with medicine and
​create sustainable incomes.


 Where do they plant? 
Madagascar - Kenya - Haiti - Mozambique - Indonesia - Nepal - Brazil - Zambia and deep down the Oceans!
Head over to JUST ONE Tree to read up on all the epic things this organisation is doing for our people & planet 🌍

 What difference does it make? 
Woodlands and forests are the lungs of our planet, they help to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, cleaning our air. 
A single tree can, on average, absorb 48 lbs of CO2 annually - Forests can offer up to a third of the solution to our global warming crisis.
JUST ONE Tree have already planted over 2.7 million trees — and with your help we are hoping to plant thousands more 💚

​ But it's not just about each tree that grows. 
 It's also about: 

🌲  regenerating forests

🌍  restoring the planet as nature intended

🐠  increasing biodiversity on land and in the oceans

💚  improving lives in the communities where trees are planted

🌈 raising environmental awareness in the classrooms

🌞  and tackling climate change