27 products

    27 products
    Cuprinol 5 Star Complete Wood Treatment
    from £14.52
    Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback - 5 Litre
    Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain
    from £18.22
    Cuprinol Decking Cleaner - 2.5 Litre
    Cuprinol Exterior Wood Preserver
    from £18.22
    Cuprinol Fence Sprayer
    Cuprinol Garden Furniture Cleaner - 500ml
    Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer - 1 Litre
    Cuprinol Garden Furniture Teak Oil - 500ml - Trigger Spray
    Cuprinol Garden Furniture Teak Oil - Clear - 1L
    Cuprinol Garden Shades
    from £11.71
    Cuprinol Garden Shades 125ml Tester Pot
    Cuprinol Garden Shades 2.5 Litre Mixed Colours
    Cuprinol Garden Ultimate Furniture Oil Clear - 500ml Trigger Spray
    Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care
    Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable Fence Treatment - 5 Litre
    Cuprinol Shed and Fence Protector - 5 Litre
    Cuprinol Spray and Brush 2 in 1 Sprayer
    Cuprinol Stain Stripper For Previously Stained Wood - 2.5 Litres
    Cuprinol Total Deck
    from £29.55
    Cuprinol Ultimate Garden Wood Preserver
    from £14.52
    Cuprinol Ultimate Hardwood Furniture Oil - 1 Litre
    Cuprinol Ultimate Repair Wood Hardener - 500ml
    Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler
    from £11.75
    Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil
    from £18.22
    Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear
    from £12.43
    Cuprinol Woodworm Killer
    from £10.15

    Whether you looking to give your garden a makeover, start a fresh or maybe just protect your garden from the elements Cuprinol has a vast range of products that will have you covered. You can go bold and add a splash of colour to your sheds and fences with the Garden Shades range or maybe you want to keep it simple and use the furniture restorer to bring tired garden furniture back to life. The various wood strippers, preservers and protection products Cuprinol provide will help to ensure an all year round pristine looking garden.

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