Create Unique Home Decor with Craig & Rose

Create Unique Home Decor with Craig & Rose


Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a demonstration day with Craig & Rose at our sister store, Chapel Interiors. This event was a wonderful opportunity for customers and visitors to learn more about the Craig & Rose range, with a particular focus on the artisan collection of products that allow you to create bespoke looks in your home.

Craig & Rose say:

“Our Artisan speciality collection of decorative paints and finishes give infinite opportunity to create bespoke effects that will make your home as unique as you are. We've developed the technology that enables easy application, so that you can focus on transforming accents into centrepieces and create striking contemporary effects wherever your inspiration takes you.”

Copper Effect

The Copper Effect paint is nothing short of spectacular. It allows you to create the rich, warm appearance of copper on your walls. By applying the Copper Patina Solution, you can further enhance this effect to mimic the look of rusting copper, complete with striking blue and green hues. This product provides endless possibilities for creating unique patterns and designs that can serve as the centrepiece of any room.

Rust Effect

For those who love the raw, industrial aesthetic, the Rust Effect paint is a must-try. By applying the Rust Activator over the Rust Effect paint, you can introduce texture, depth, and character to any surface. This combination creates a realistic and dramatic rusted look, perfect for statement walls or accessories that need an edge.

Chalk Wash

Imagine the elegance of a Venetian palace in your home. The Chalk Wash paint offers a sophisticated, sun-soaked warmth reminiscent of Mediterranean earthen clay walls. Its unique ability to play with light and create a textured-like effect brings depth and movement to your interiors, making your spaces both inviting and timeless.

Glitter Glaze

Add a touch of subtle glamour with the Artisan Diamond Dust Glitter Glaze. This product infuses your interior walls, woodwork, and accessories with a delicate shimmer and deep ethereal reflections. It’s perfect for those who want to incorporate a bit of sparkle into their decor without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

Concrete Effect

The Concrete Effect paint is a high-fashion alternative to traditional concrete, offering the same striking visual impact with the added benefit of DIY application. This product allows you to create a bold, contemporary look that adds significant depth and personality to any space, making it ideal for feature walls or modern, industrial-inspired interiors.

Incorporating texture into your home decor is a brilliant way to add depth, personality, and unique visual intrigue. Craig & Rose’s Artisan range offers a diverse selection of entirely unique finishes that can transform the look and atmosphere of any space. Whether you want the rustic charm of copper and rust, the timeless elegance of a Venetian palace, the subtle glow of glitter, or the modern edge of concrete, the Artisan range has something to inspire every homeowner.

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